Student loans

Unlike many common debts student loans cannot be discharged under bankruptcy so wage garnishment is nearly unavoidable. In very special cases if the debtor can prove “undue hardship” then they may be able to shed their debt but this is very difficult to prove.

Just about the only viable option when facing wage garnishment is work out a slow pay motion with your creditor.

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  1. Hector says:

    Student load has been in default for some years, on the last 2 tax returns they took the whole amount which doesn’t reflect in the last statement. Now that I have a very low paying job which I just started this past July, they sent my staffing agency employer that they are garnishing my wages 15% of it per check which I think is totally ridiculous since sometimes I do not even receive 40 hrs of work. I hope you can help me cause this would really put a serious damper on my income.

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