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Slow Pay Motion

A slow pay motion is an agreement that allows you to make small payments towards you debt as ordered by a judge. Slow pay motions will take much longer than a mandatory wage garnishment but they will allow you to keep more of your paycheck to cover other expenses. The slow pay motion is very handy for a lot people who feel accountable for their debt, but they just don’t have the disposable income that allows for their wages to be garnished.

It is best to file a slow pay motion before your wages are set to be garnished.

Steps to filing a slow pay motion

1. See your local court clerk

Check with your local court clerk to see if your local jurisdiction has the option to file a slow pay motion. If your are fortunate enough to be given this option the court clerk will ask you to fill out certain paperwork that includes information on:

  • the location of your place of work
  • how much you make
  • how often you are paid
  • how much debt the judge has ruled that you owe
  • how much you have already paid towards the debt for which your wages are being garnished
  • the information about the person/business that is suing you
  • case number

Next you and your creditor will be given court dates .

2. Seeing the judge

  • Arrive in court on time, treat this as seriously as any other summons to court.
  • Bring a very detailed budget of your expenses will bank statements, receipts, and/or bill payments. You may also want to provide proof of any dependents.
  • the judge will want to know why cannot afford wage garnishment, and how much you believe you can afford to pay.
  • be very honest, do not try to pay any more than you believe you can afford

3.  Begin to make payments

The slow pay motion is a similar arrangement to wage garnishment. The differences are that the amount paid is usually influenced much more heavily by the debtor.

Do not miss a payment, the slow pay motion is already a great privilege that is not offered to many people. You will rarely get a second chance for another slow pay motion unless circumstances beyond your control prevent you from making a payment.

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